Xbox Series X: Microsoft’s next gaming console launching in 2020


Microsoft’s next Xbox console finally has a name and is officially called the Xbox Series X. The company unveiled the console design and name at the Game Awards. Microsoft revealed details about the device formerly codenamed Project Scarlett at the E3 2019. The console has a vertical structure and looks more like a PC. Microsoft’s Xbox Chief, Phil Spencer, claims that the console offers four times the processing power of Xbox One X and also makes less noise. The console supports both vertical and horizontal orientation for consumers with tightly packed shelves near their gaming TV. It comes with a new controller, and it will also be compatible with existing Xbox One systems. The new controller features a Share button to make capturing screenshots and game clips simple.

Microsoft’s Xbox Series X

The console comes with a custom-designed CPU based on Radeon RDNA architecture and Zen 2 from AMD. The device packs NVMe SSD to boost game load times and also supports 8K gaming with frame rates of up to 120 fps. Ray tracing and variable refresh rates have also been included. Microsoft is silent about the GPU performance, but Phil Spencer revealed specific details with GameSpot. The company showcased Hellblade II: Senua’s Saga, made by Ninja Theory alongside the console at the Game Awards. Microsoft officially acquired Ninja Theory in 2018. They have also confirmed that 15 Xbox Game Studios have been working on games for the new console. 

The Hellblade 2 trailer was captured in real-time in the game engine running on the console. Phil Spencer says, “We wanted to have a dramatic upgrade from the Xbox One base console. So when we do the math, we’re over eight times the GPU power of the Xbox One, and two times what an Xbox One X is.”

Microsoft Xbox Series X comes with Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Dynamic Latency Input (DLI) the could make this console the most responsive ever. The console will be launching officially during the 2020 holidays.

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