Snapchat developing “Stories Everywhere” to lure users


According to a report from Cheddar, Snapchat is working on a new product called “Stories Everywhere” to lure more users. The main aim is to share the content outside the app and elsewhere, which would be a major leap since the inception of the platform in 2011. However, there is no official confirmation from Snap Inc., which means it’s still early in development or it may never see the light of day.

Snap Inc. has reportedly hired Rahul Chopra, the former Senior Vice President and Global Head of Video at News Corp, who was also CEO at Storyful. Rahul Chopra is hired to figure out the best possible way to distribute content generated by users. The person familiar with the project said it’s about embedding content on articles and blog posts. This could mean that the “Stories Everywhere” is designed in a different format and will be accessible indefinitely. This is similar to the embeddable tweets which were introduced by Twitter back in 2011. The leak suggests a possibility of allowing other apps to integrate Snapchat content into their apps.

By allowing users to share content on other platforms and web, Snapchat can generate a lot of profit. Snapchat Stories in video format embedded in news sites may lure people to share and sign up for the app. As a result, Snapchat can license the content which is shared on blogs or integrated into apps. Fortunately, both Facebook and Instagram don’t have this feature. This could give Snapchat the upper hand.


Due to declining user base, Snapchat had to redesign the app and make more user-friendly. Part of the redesign includes a new Discover feed, which will feature breaking news, entertainment related clips from more than 70 media partners. It seems like the company is currently testing redesigned iOS and Android apps. Therefore “Stories Everywhere” could fit right in the slot.

It’s unclear as to when the features will be available, though the leaked memo points to a 2018 rollout.

Source: Cheddar

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