Microsoft Office app merges Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for iOS and Android


Microsoft has unveiled a new Office app for iOS and Android users. The company already has separate Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on both the platforms, the new app Office app integrates everything into a single app. However, the new Office app is in beta testing, and the public preview is available to download. The new Office app carries all the new features which the company has been adding to existing Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps. The apps are somewhat similar, and the size is considerably smaller than the existing standalone apps.


Microsoft Office Beta app seamlessly integrates all the existing and new features to provide a smooth and functional app. The new Office app allows the users to create, edit and view Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. The new app includes a set of actions which allows the users to transfer files from computer to a phone. You can also convert image to text and image to table. Some of the other features include scanning pictures into PDFs, sign a PDF, and even scan QR codes. Users will most likely use these features on mobile than on a computer.

Microsoft Office – The New Fluent Design Logo

Microsoft has also unveiled its new Office logo. The company has been making improvements this past year and gradually altering icons across a variety of Office apps. Microsoft ditched the flat design and introduced fluent design which will be used on and Microsoft’s Office apps. The new Office logo is vibrant and more colourful than the flat logo.

Microsoft’s Office apps garnered more than 1 billion downloads on Android. They are considered as some of the best productivity apps on a mobile platform. However, the new Office app will co-exist with the individual Office apps. The company allows the users to either download the individual apps or all-in-one app to save storage. The Office Beta public preview is available only for smartphones, and do not support tablet devices just yet. The public preview for Android is available here while iOS users can check the availability here.

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