Microsoft announces new foldable devices, Surface Neo and Surface Duo


Microsoft just announced its foray into the foldable devices market with two new devices at the Surface Event in New York. Surface Neo runs on Windows 10X, a newly designed OS for dual-screen devices while Surface Duo runs on Android. According to the company, the foldable devices have been in the works for more than three years. The company says it is not an immediate reaction to Samsung Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo runs on the newly designed dual-screen OS, Windows X. The device has two 9-inch foldable screens and connected by a hinge. The hinge helps the device to rotate 360 degrees and use it in different postures. There is a noticeable gap between the two screens, so it is likely intended to do various tasks on each screen. Microsoft strongly emphasized Surface Neo as a productivity device. The device has a thickness of 5.6mm and weighs 655 grams. A custom Intel Lakefield Processor powers the Surface Neo. The hybrid processor is integrated with an additional 11th Generation graphics engine to configure both screens.


The newly announced Surface Pen works with the device and also the keyboard. Both magnetically attaches to the back of the Surface Neo. When the keyboard attached on one side of the screen, the extra space is used as a trackpad or to enter emoji. The company also launched a pocket-sized device along with the same foldable line-up, Surface Duo. However, that device runs on the Android operating system.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft Surface Duo runs on Android OS and powered by a Snapdragon 855 processor. The device features two 5.6-inch screens which can rotate 360 degrees. The hinge allows the screen to rotate and when unfolded fully has a screen size of 8.3-inch. Microsoft has partnered with Google to deeply integrate a type of API on top of Android deeply. The company teased Project xCloud running on the device. Microsoft did not reveal whether it’ll feature a rear camera. However, the processor may be bumped to the latest Qualcomm processor at launch.

Windows 10X

Microsoft announced the Windows 10X for foldable devices, which helps apps make use of the extra space. The company designed the OS in such a way to provide an on-the-go seamless experience. It allows the users to take notes on one screen while having a reference document on the other. This dual-screen OS meets the highly flexible and on-the-go mobile demands. ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo will make foldable devices running Windows 10X to meet the evolving needs of the consumers.

Windows 10X will be available for foldable and dual-screen devices starting in the fall of 2020. Finally, Surface Neo and Surface Duo will arrive in late 2020. Microsoft announces this a year earlier so that developers will adapt their apps and support its dual-screen ambitions.

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