Leaked Pixel 4 promo video reveals new color, gestures and astrophotography mode


Leaked Pixel 4 promo video is from a Spanish site ProAndroid, in what appears to be a marketing video for the device. Google has embraced the leaks this time, they posted the rear design of the device on their twitter account a few weeks ago. Google’s Night Sight mode set an industry standard for low light smartphone photography. Leaked video reveals some new Google Assistant features and an advanced Night Site like mode which allows the users to capture the stars.

The leak shows that Google Assistant is responding to a series of voice commands. Users will be able to pin point to a specific object of the albums. In this case, the user commands the assistant to show photos from Tokyo, and pin point to food images and send them over to a friend via message. Therefore, it is to be noted that Google revealed this crazy fast next generation Google Assistant at Google’s I/O 2019.

The leaked Pixel 4 promo video reveals gesture controls, this is because of the motion-sensing Soli radar chip. This lets the users wave hands to move between apps, skip music tracks and silence phone calls. This will also play an important role in the secure face unlock feature which will debut with Google Pixel 4.


Astrophotography mode reveals that users will be able to take milky way kind of photos. This suggests that Google has made significant improvements to the existing Night Sight algorithm which helps in capturing hand held photos of stars. Astrophotography is only possible if the shutter of a camera stays open for as much as 20 seconds. Pixel’s hardware and software should be able to reduce the hand held camera shake with the advancement in technology.

Rumors suggest that the device will come in black, white and the new orange color. Google hasn’t revealed when it will launch the device. It is expected to launch early October. Let’s wait for the conformation from Google.

Featured Image: Google

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