Instagram Threads, a new personal messaging app for close friends


Facebook has been working on Instagram Threads for a few months. However, it carries similar elements to that of Snapchat. The company introduced it as a new camera-first personal messaging app for close friends. Facebook says they designed Threads with the user’s privacy in mind. Threads allow the users to share photos, videos, text messages, Stories and more with your close friends. Instagram introduced Close Friends last year for sharing more personal moments with a list of people the user chooses. Threads have a dedicated inbox, notifications and also allows the user to set up Instagram close friends list directly from the app.

Instagram Threads, the easiest way to stay in contact with your friends with what they are up to throughout the day. The app directly opens the camera and is the fastest way to share a photo or video with your close friends on Instagram. Facebook designed Threads to give users control over what they share and with whom. In addition, it also allows interacting with your close friends throughout the day.

Status was introduced to keep in track of what your friends are up to on their day. Threads have shortcuts, suggested status (📚 Studying) and auto status  (🚗 On the move) . In addition, we can also create our own status and share it with close friends list. The auto status feature automatically shares where you are at without actually revealing your coordinates. For instance, if you’re watching a movie in the theater, the Auto Status might read from your location and share it as “At the cinema”. The Auto Status doesn’t reveal where you’re watching; it just shares a bit of context without giving away your location. Instagram Direct will continue to be a single messaging platform for all your friends. However, messages from your close friends will appear both in Threads and Instagram Direct. Instagram Threads is now live on iOS and Android.

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