Instagram testing dark mode in an alpha update for Android, coming soon to iOS


Apple and Google have rolled out dark mode recently on their operating systems. The native apps have already gotten the dark theme, while many third-party apps are yet to make the transition. Recently, Google has rolled out a dark theme for Gmail with the latest update. Finally, Instagram has decided to join the bandwagon and support the dark theme. The dark mode on Instagram is entirely black because of AMOLED color. Currently, the dark theme is supported on Android 10, Samsung One UI, and MIUI 10.

The dark mode on Instagram is not perfect yet, but the testing is carried out to improve through updates. The dark theme allows the users to scroll through the feed during the night. However, this dark theme is different from some of Google’s apps which has grey user-interface. It’s doesn’t make such an impact in improving the battery life but rather a delight to the users. The dark theme presents such a rich theme without altering Instagram’s core user-interface.

Instagram from Facebook is yet to roll out a dark theme for the iOS platform. There are some reports on Reddit that the dark theme worked on Samsung devices running on One UI and Redmi devices running on MIUI 10. One UI and MIUI 10 supports the native dark theme, so when enabled system-wide, it works for the Instagram alpha update too. The dark theme is easy for the eyes who scroll through the feed at night. So in hindsight, Instagram will roll out the dark mode officially in a few weeks.

How to get the dark mode on Instagram for Android?
  • Enable native dark mode on Android 10
  • Download the latest alpha build from Apk Mirror
  • Open the updated Instagram app to experience dark mode

Facebook has already added it on Messenger and currently testing it on their main app and WhatsApp. Instagram is expected to release a beta update for iOS users. So, it is evident that developers will take this opportunity to add a dark theme to their apps.

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