Astronaut John Young, flew twice to the moon, dead at 87


Legendary American Astronaut, John Young was the ninth person to walk on the moon has died. In addition, Young also commandeered the first Space Shuttle Mission in April 1981. On Saturday afternoon, NASA confirmed the death in the twitter account.  The cause, time, and place of his death are not clear.

In his 42 years career at NASA, he flew to space six times and became the first person to ever do so in 1983. In the mid-1960 ‘s, Young flew twice for the Gemini mission. Once in 1965, He was aboard the first manned Gemini mission. And again in 1969, he orbited the moon on Apollo 10 mission. Later in 1972, Young walked on the lunar surface during the Apollo 16 mission became the ninth of 12 people to walk on the lunar surface. Young was appointed as Chief of the Space Shuttle Branch in 1973. In 1981, Young became the commander of STS-1, the maiden orbital flight of the Space Shuttle Program. Young was also in 1983 space mission which carried the first Spacelab.

Young retired from NASA in 2004. Young became the only person to fly on Gemini missions, Apollo and Space Shuttle programs. Young was born in 1930 in San Francisco and later joined the Navy in 1952. NASA selected John Young for the Gemini Program in 1962.

Featured Image: NASA


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