Disney+ goes live in the Netherlands as a free trial until the official launch


Disney+ goes live quietly in the Netherlands offering two months free trial until November 12th. Initially, the app was available only on Google Play Store and now released across Apple TV, iPhone, iPad, Xbox One, PS4 and Chromecast. Disney Streaming Services (previously BAMTech) has made it impossible for users to access the app outside the region. The streaming service will launch November 12 in the US, Canada and the Netherlands, it will cost $6.99 (US) per month.

Disney+ Content Catalog

The Walt Disney Company certainly has a huge content in its backyard. Compared to Netflix, they don’t have a diverse amount of content. The company acquired 20th Century Fox but they are not adding Fox’s library as to maintain the family friendly image. So, there isn’t much of adult content in the catalog as of now. The streaming service has a wide range of live action and animation movies, shows in development. Some of the users on Twitter noted that there are 18 Marvel titles available on the streaming platform. This maybe due to the licensing agreements in the Netherlands, while in the US it will launch with just 5 MCU titles. Some of the classic Disney movies and animations shows are available on the platform. In addition, they have even pulled the content from The Vault and added it.

App User Interface

The user interface is similar to other streaming services, but it comes in a slightly organized manner. They have a carousel at the top to display popular and new content in the homepage. Followed by quick link icons for Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic. The search section lets the users browse through every movie, series or Disney Collections on the platform. They added a number of categories like Hit Movies, Blockbusters, Out of the Vault classics, Musicals, and Documentaries. The app download section clearly shows how much hours of content can be downloaded on the device storage. Tight user interface and less content makes it easier for users to navigate the streaming service.


The company plans to launch a slew of Originals at the launch and also Avengers: Endgame will be available on December 12. It is common to launch a pilot testing at a relatively small region to get feedback and provide flawless experience to the users in the future.

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