Archie Comics Live-Action Movie in the works at Bollywood

archie comics-live-action-bollywood

Archie Comics announced on Monday that it will partner with Graphic India to bring the popular characters to the big screen. Archie Comics is getting a Bollywood treatment with all Indian cast for its live-action movie.

Graphic India has raised a lot of funding to build their own comic empire. Therefore, the foray into adapting the characters to Bollywood style. The release date is yet to be announced and it is also said to be in very early stages of development. This is the first comic book property to be translated for Indian screens. The Screenplay will be written in a way to attract new fans and resonate with existing Archie fans in India. Furthermore, the movie will reimagine some of the popular characters like Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Reggie, and Moose.

The movie will borrow all the features from the source material and be designed in a way to attract Indian audience. Archie is so popular in America and as well as Global market. Archie property Riverdale TV Series have been going strong in The CW Network. Recently, another Archie property Sabrina the Teenage Witch found its home at Netflix.

Archie Comics CEO, Jon Goldwater released a statement:

“We are supremely excited to partner with the great team at Graphic India to bring Archie and his friends to Bollywood.” “Archie’s lasting and growing presence in India made this move the logical next step as our stellar library of characters continues to expand into other media. It’s a major moment for Archie and its fans around the world.”

Sharad Devarajan, Co-Founder & CEO of Graphic India released a statement:

“Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead have been a source of inspiration for numerous Bollywood films over the years, and now it’s time to take them fully into Bollywood in an exciting new twist of a story that we have planned.” “These characters have held a special place in the hearts of Indians for decades and we have no doubt that the new Indian cast of Archie and the gang will be an exciting moment for the country.”

Currently, there is no director or cast attached to the project. As stated earlier, it’s still very early in the development. Hence, fan casting and speculations will begin soon.


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